More Information and FAQs

General Information: 

    What is Edge-Grain Maple Wood? How does it make The Ultimate Cutting Board better?

    • Edge-grain maple boards are superior to plastic or other hardwoods and can be commonly found in high end restaurants. The reason why restaurants use this type of cutting boards is because edge-grain is not just extremely durable but it is also easy on your knives. It is also naturally antibacterial according to a research study by University of Michigan comparing plastic and wood cutting boards.
    • Edge Grain also helps prevent the cutting board from warping, cracking or splitting from movement within the wood. Meaning your board will last for years with the proper maintenance.

    What is included with The Ultimate Cutting Board? 

    • 1 Edge Grain Maple Cutting Board
    • 2 Aluminum Trays
    • 2 Half-Cup Measuring Cups 
    • 1 Citrus Juicer
    • 1 Easy Scraper
    • 3oz Wood Oil

    What is the size of The NEW Ultimate Cutting Board? 

    • The new Ultimate Cutting Board is 18 inches x 12 inches x 1.5 inches. The new board is smaller and lighter without compromising on the cutting area than our original design. 

    What is the purpose of the new Edge Design?

    • The unique edge design allows our metal trays to tuck in just enough for you to slide chopped food right into the tray without having to worry about juices or bits of food getting onto your countertop. The edge runs around the entire board. This allows you to place the tray where its most comfortable for you to chop and slide onto.
    • The new Edge Design also makes it easier to lift and carry The Ultimate Cutting Board.

    Why We Made the Changes to Our Design: 

    Why doesn't The Ultimate Cutting Board separate into 2, like the original design? 

    • Wood cutting boards tend to expand or compress depending on their moisture level. This made the 2 halves in the original design become stuck or be too loose; also, magnets can rust and become harmful. This is why we had to remove this feature. Our new single piece design makes it much easier to work with. 

    Why are there metal trays instead of built in wooden drawers? 

    • The built in drawers were incredibly difficult to wash and dry. Cutting boards needs to be clean and sanitized after each use, this was simply too difficult to do with the drawers. 
    • The built in drawers also reduced the stability of The Ultimate Cutting Board, thus causing it to warp. No one likes a warped cutting board - we have fixed this issue with our edge-grain construction (built to last for years). 
    • The metal trays are very easy to clean and store. You can use them to store and rinse veggies and they are also oven-safe. They are amazing. 

    Why is there only 1 cup and 1 citrus juicer in the pictures (the old one had 2 cups)? 

    • The Ultimate Cutting Board still comes with 2 cups and 1 citrus juicer. The cups and juicer are stackable in their places. Having one less hole in the board ensures it stays stronger and provides more cutting area.

    Why does The Ultimate Cutting Board come finished with mineral oil and beeswax? 

    • Most maple cutting boards arrive unfinished. We make sure we finish the board so it is ready to use out of the package. We use FDA approved Food Grade Mineral Oil with Beeswax as the recommended oil to use on cutting boards.