Edge Grain Maple

Easy on Knives. Naturally Antibacterial.

The NEW Ultimate Cutting Board

We have redesigned The Ultimate Cutting Board after receiving feedback from our Kickstarter Backers, Chefs and Culinary Gurus who have used The Ultimate Cutting Board. We are happy to introduce the new design that is stronger and easier to chop, prep, serve and clean!  We appreciate all the support we have received in helping us identify the problems with our original design. We have worked hard to make the NEW Ultimate Cutting Board a high quality cutting board that is more efficient and long lasting.  

Our NEW FEATURES include: Solid Edge-Grain Maple Cutting Board Construction, Metal Trays, Finished with Wood Oil and more!

New Edge Design

Carry it from any side. Chop and slide food onto trays easily.

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2 Trays, 2 Measuring Cups & Citrus Juicer Included